Personal Accident Insurance


At FORTE TOKO, we understand that nothing can make up for the loss to you and your family caused by accidental death, injury and permanent disablement. We help you minimize your loss and maintain your lifestyle by providing monetary compensation in case of accident as well as covering for medical expenses incurred.

You can purchase this insurance for your family, your employees or yourself.

Personal Accident Insurance will protect your family, your employees or yourself at minimal cost and get the peace of mind that our Personal Accident Insurance plan can offer.
FORTE TOKO’s policy additionally gives you:

No matter what your lifestyle or occupation may be, we can tailor a plan to your specific case.

Efficient claims services
We keep claims procedures simple and efficient to settle medical bills quickly for your convenience.



Upon renewal of this policy , the original capital sum insured shall be increased by 5% per year up to a maximum of 25% of the original capital sum insured provided that: 

+ No claim had been made under this policy in the previous period of insurance
+ The policy was not terminated or cancelled at any time in the previous period of insurance
+ The new capital sum insured shall not exceed USD 100,000 in the aggregate for the capital sum insured
+ In the event of a claim made during the period on insurance, the loyalty discount shall be reduced by 5% per claim
+ The company shall pay death benefit from whatsover cause other than accident death as funeral benefit an amount of USD 150 upon receipt of due proof of death in the form required by the company.
+ The indemnity limit under Medical Expenses will automatically be tripled in the event of the insured person being injured due to robberly subject to maximum indemnity of USD 2,000 for each insured person.

Extended Coverage

The policy pay USD 150.00 in the event of death not caused by accident as bereavement allowance.

Wide range of cover

Unlike other policies, our plan offers you extensive coverage for snake and insect bites, suffocation from smoke, murder and motorcycling.

In addition, the policy covers death and injury in times of strikes, riots, and civil commotions.


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