Fire and Perils Insurance

Fire and Perils Insurance

Whether it’s your home or business, you have probably invested a considerable amount of time, effort and money in your property. Fire insurance will protect your property and investment against loss or damage from fire, lightning and perils such as explosion, flood, windstorm, earthquake, impact damage by road vehicles, water damage caused by bursting or overflowing of water tanks, apparatus or pipes, etc.

In addition to fire cover, you may option to choose the following perils according to your need:
+ Aircraft
+ Earthquake
+ Explosion
+ Flood
+ Hail
+ Impact Damage
+ Riot & Strike
+ Smoke
+ Spontaneous Combustion
+ Subsidence & Landslip
+ Vandalism & Malicious Damage
+ Water Damage
+ Windstorm.



At FORTE-TOKO, our team of dedicated specialists take the time to understand your needs and tailor a policy that best suits you, your family, and your business.

Risk assessment and prevention
When insuring with us, you are offered a through review of your property by our experts to minimize risks of potential loss.

Independent international loss adjusters
In the event of a claim, FORTE-TOKO enages experiences and independent international professionals who will survey your loss and guide you through the process to ensure an efficient and speedy settlement.

As the premiere insurance company in Laos, FORTE-TOKO assure you the most reliable and comprehensive insurance services by offering:
+ Dedicated professionals
+ Innovative products and services to suit your needs 
+ Speedy claims settlement 
+ Efficient claims services with in-house specialised expertise 
+ Value for your money 
+ Financial security with our panel of reinsurers 
+ Local focus 
+ Multi-lingual advisors 
+ 24-hour hotline for emergencies.

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