Exceptional Claim Services

As Laos leading insurer, FORTE TOKO Insurance is committed to handling all claim settlements efficiently, fairly and quickly. We offer you these advantages:

Technical superiority

Our professionals have extensive experience handling all types of claims, ensuring you receive fast, friendly and top-quality claims service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Panel garages

Our panel garages provide preferred services, quality repairs, and numerous advantages when you meet with an accident.

Panel hospitals

FORTE TOKO's panel hospitals provide fast and quality medical treatment without added worries about hospital bills on discharge.

Independent international loss adjusters

In the event of a fire or construction claim, FORTE TOKO’s experienced, independent international professionals will survey your loss and guide you to ensure an efficient, speedy settlement.

Exceptional claims services

As leading insurer, FORTE TOKO Insurance is committed to handling all claim settlements efficiently, fairly and quickly. 

Customer-focused service

We ensure claims are managed in a consistent, flexible and fair manner utilizing claims operations that are structured to cross traditional corporate and geographic boundaries.

Compliments, comments and complaints

Tell us, and we’ll respond to your feedback promptly, fairly and amicably.